Delicious Recipe and Random Musings

I have recently started reading the blog Grace Violet and thought this recipe for honey bars sounded yummy...and they are. It is a simple recipe, but very good. My husband loved them...said he would like them even if he hadn't given chocolate up for Lent. High praise from him, considering chocolate is his all-time favorite, no matter what.

A couple months ago, I saw this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat featured in Lucky magazine. I rarely paint my nails, but thought it would be good to try since on the rare occasions I do paint my nails, they always get ruined. I bought it with a WalMart gift card from Christmas a couple months ago and just got around to using it. This stuff is fabulous! You paint your nails, let them dry for 2 minutes, then apply the top coat. After 30 seconds, your nails are dry to the touch. I did my nails about an hour before bed and didn't have sheet marks on my nails when I woke up!

Finally, I keep hearing great things about Swagbucks, but I haven't been able to break myself of using Google. So, I have set my homepage for Swagbucks, and I am trying to use it exclusively for the rest of March. I'll see how many Swagbucks I have at the end of the month, and find out whether I have enough to redeem for any gift cards.

What has been your experience with Swagbucks?