Clean Swap

I participated in my first ever swap organized by the homespun heart and With All That I've Been Given. I had such a good time filling my shoebox with fun items for Amy. I hope she liked her items! Here is the swap box I received with all kinds of sweet items!

The box is a re-usable plastic shoebox! Yay! It was all wrapped up with a bow and a note. The note told what each item was for and how each related to the "clean" theme.

Here is a list of what she included:

  • Dishtowel

  • Magazine (Country Home, one of my favorites!)

  • Polishing pads

  • Smudge cleaner (Lots of little fingerprints around this house!)

  • Tidy totes (These are the coolest mesh bags!)

  • Lint pads

  • Notepad

  • Daisy bowl

  • Simmering potpourri

  • Lip Smackers

  • Pancake molds

  • Sunflower (I can't wait to grow this!)

  • Matt Maher CD (I recognized at least one track and am looking forward to listening to this CD!)

I took one final picture:

I can't believe how the dishtowel, pancake molds, polishing pads, and daisy plate match my stand mixer in my very blue kitchen! God is in the details of everything! Thanks so much Amy for brightening my day!

Check out With All That I've Been Given for more clean swap sharing!


Hadley Coble said…
thanks for sharing! looks like you got some great stuff!
Mary Ann said…
What a great box! I like how the shoe box was decorated.
Ellie said…
That is a great box, and great that you can reuse it as well! I love how everything matches your mixer!
*carrie* said…
That dishtowel is so cute, and I love that fun shade of blue--it's what we chose for my son's bedroom walls, and it's so cheery!