Frugal Friday: Paperback Swap

Several months ago, I listed a bunch of books, CDs, etc. on Amazon Seller Central. I had read a post on a blog (surprise, surprise!) that said this was an easy way to make a few extra dollars while getting rid of some items that were no longer needed. This has been pretty successful for me, as we have been able to sell about half of the items we listed. After awhile, I still had a shelf of books waiting to be sold. I was trying to decide what to do with them when I read Amy's post on MomAdvice about Fun & Free Resources for Book Lovers. After reading some of the choices, I decided to give Paperback Swap a try.

Esentially, for each book that you "swap" or send to someone else, you get a credit to use to select a book from Paperback Swap's listings of books available (and there are a lot!). You pay for shipping for the books you mail to other members, but then the books you request are sent to you for free. At the beginning, you can also earn a credit or two for listing a specific number of books, even before you send one out.

So far, I've sent out 4 books and received 3. While this is not completely free, I love the idea of being able to send books that I no longer need that might be helpful or enjoyable for someone else. I know that I enjoy receiving books in the mail, also! Have any of you tried Paperback Swap or another similar service? How have you liked it?

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I love books.
Carly said…
I hope you enjoy it!