Financial Goals Check Up

We have already finished one month of 2009! Here are the financial goals we set for 2009 and how we are doing with them...

1. Reduce gift spending by approximately 1/3, but not our gift giving.
We have been able to buy many gifts ahead this month by shopping a variety of clearance sales. I have a nice stash of gifts up in our gift closet, so I think we have a solid start working on this goal.

2. Continue to prepay mortgage.
We were excited when we received our most recent mortgage bill - we have paid down enough extra on our mortgage that our PMI has been removed from the bill. This will allow us to prepay even more on our mortgage because we will continue to pay the same amount we have been even though the bill is smaller.

3. Create a CD ladder for savings.
We finally made it into the bank and opened one CD. It's not a ladder, but it's a start!

4. Continue to save for daughter's college fund and general savings account.
The same day we went into the bank for the CD, we put our daughter's money into a savings account. We also were able to save a (small) additional amount in her college savings for January.

How are you doing on your 2009 goals so far? Check out Money Saving Mom for others' monthly check-ups!