Welcome 2009!

We are already have one day complete in 2009! I'm not a big one for setting actual resolutions, but I do have ideas and goals constantly running through my head. I loved this post today at Simple Mom that had a set of questions to consider in planning New Year's goals. After reviewing her questions and giving some thought to my own ideas, here are a few goals for this year, in no particular order.

1. Read the Bible more. I even found this blog that lays out a framework for reading the Bible in a year, with devotions to accompany each reading. My husband and I may give this a try!
2. Maintain my 2008 weight loss by continuing to exercise and pay attention to portion sizes and food choices. I had a baby in November 2007. My goal was to be down to my pre-baby weight by around her birthday, which I did. However, last year, I gained 7 pounds between November and April, which I had to re-lose. I'm hoping to maintain my weight this winter, especially. More on this coming up!
3. Continue to work on our financial goals. Each year we develop a small set of 4-5 financial goals. These goals this year include pre-paying a portion of our mortgage, setting money aside for our daughter, setting up a CD ladder, and decreasing our total gift spending, but not our gift giving. Over this last year, I have learned many strategies for stretching our money, so I hope to apply what I've learned to these specific goals.
4. Take time to do crafts, cook, and bake - learn to knit, find simple crafts to do with my daughter, make cards, scrapbook, and make items for our home and for gifts.
5. Enjoy time with my family!


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