Storytime Fun: Hats, Scarves, and Mittens!

With wintertime upon us, one of my favorite themes for storytime is winter clothing. There are so many great books for young children on this topic. Here are a few that I am using for this month:

  • Under My Hood I Have a Hat By Karla Kuskin

    This simple rhyming tale is perfect for young children. It tells about those cold winter days when you are so bundled up, you can barely move!

A girl enjoys playing inside with first one yellow mitten, then both of her mittens before going outside to play in the snow.

Children love to help with this story. At first, the author tells the reader that only one snowball is needed to make a snowman. Everyone knows it takes three! Have your child help you with the steps to make a snowman during this story to practice sequencing and retelling.

Come along on a snow day adventure!

This simple story is full of rhyming words and fun in the snow!

An additional activity that I did was mitten matching. I printed out a set of colorful mittens here and had the children help me to find the two that match. In addition to having them match by color, you could write letters on the mittens and have the children match the letters or even vary it by putting the uppercase letter on one mitten and the lowercase letter on the other to practice recognition of upper and lowercase letters. The possibilities are endless!