Nonfiction: Fat Burnin' Friday

Andrea over at Mommy Snacks has been keeping us updated about her weight loss journey throughout the last year. I have been very impressed with her progress and all the tips she has shared with us along the way. After having my daughter in November 2007, I made it my goal make it back to my pre-baby weight within a year of her birth. I didn't really get motivated to do so until May of 2008. I was (thankfully!) able to get down to my weight goal right around Thanksgiving of 2008 and have been able to maintain this weight throughout the holidays. Winter is tough for me as I gained around 7 pounds last winter. I know this was compounded by the loss of my grandmother 3 days before Christmas last year, but I still want to be careful not to overindulge in winter comfort foods! Right now, here are a few things that are helping me to maintain my weight:

1. Each day, I try to do some kind of exercise. We don't have a treadmill in our smallish (just over 1000 sq. feet) house, so I alternate between strength training and indoor walking. Several years ago, I started strength training with the help of the book Strong Women Stay Slim by Dr. Miriam Nelson. I stopped doing the strength training for a while, but am getting back into a routine with it. The indoor walking works well and I got myself a DVD from Amazon for my birthday. The DVD is Leslie Sansone: 5 Day Slim Down. It has 5 different one mile walks that can be done independently or combined. I also have one Leslie Sansone videotape and have gotten different DVDs of hers from the library as well. Of course, my favorite thing is getting out for a walk outside...we go whenever we can, but in Ohio in the winter, that isn't always possible.

2. Limiting sweets. I love sweets. I haven't eliminated them entirely, but I find just having a little bit - a single piece of chocolate, small portion of light ice cream, etc. helps to satisfy the need for sweets without blowing all my daily calories!

3. Drinking water with meals. I stopped drinking most pop when I was pregnant and have tried to continue with this. I drink 100% fruit juice with lunch to sneak in a serving of fruit, but try to drink water every day at dinner. Sometimes I jazz it up with iced tea mix or something like that, but only occasionally.

I don't own a scale, so I gauge my weight on how my clothes fit and weigh myself around twice a month at my parents' home. I am looking forward to reading other tips and tricks to keep me going in the right direction this winter! Check out Mommy Snacks Fat Burnin' Friday for more!


Good luck and thanks for sharing!

My biggest downfall, by far are the sweets! But, I do try to eat the healthier options...but, I'll admit I love suzy q's and ding dongs too!

Have a great week with yoru goals!