Music Mondays

We love music at our house. My husband is a part-time organist for our church and I sing. It works out well to have a built in accompanist in the house for weddings, church, etc. In my work at the library, I like to incorporate a lot of music into my storytimes. I thought it would be fun to share what we are listening to at our house. Right now, we are enjoying Laurie Berkner's CDs. My daughter seems to really enjoy listening to her music while playing her musical instruments or dancing. She keeps adding new dance moves which is a lot of fun. The music is very rhythmic, involves a lot of different instruments and styles, and is catchy and singable. Some of the songs are adaptations of traditional children's music, while others are original pieces. Here are a few of her CD titles, in order from newest release:
What other children's music do you recommend?