January Saving Summary

For the first time, I am trying to keep track of how much I am saving using coupons, shopping sales, and submitting rebates. This is partially for myself, but it is also to encourage others that clipping coupons, matching them to sales, and submitting rebates are really worth the time! In addition, the end of each month is a good chance for me to check how we are doing as we work toward our 2009 financial goals.

Here are our January saving numbers:

Coupon Savings: $98.83

Coupon/Sale Shopping Combined Savings: $643.14

Rebates Sent In/Pending: $73.49

Gift Cards Earned: $40.00

Our grand total of money saved in January is: $756.63

I am amazed by this number! A lot the saving came through sale shopping and buying items ahead. This includes buying gifts ahead. I am looking forward to updating these totals each month! For more stories of saving, check out Super Savings Saturday!


Great job!

Carly said…
It was kind of fun to keep track of these numbers!