Frugal Friday: Library Resources

I'm a librarian, so it goes without saying that I love libraries. I love to read and I visit libraries whenever we go on vacation or even a short trip anywhere. To me, they are fantastic places full of so many wonderful resources.

I did a quick tally and found that I have at least $150.00 in books, magazines, and other materials checked out right now. Granted, I'm too frugal to ever buy all of those items, and defininitely not at full price, but the library allows me to read and review so many different things for free!

In addition to books and magazines, libraries carry DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, book kits, and more. Some libraries might have teaching resources, totes of materials to use for teaching your kids...the list goes on and on. If you can't find an item, try using interlibrary loan to get things from another library in your library's system. It usually doesn't take terribly long to get an item, depending on the number of items available and the demand for the item.

Libraries have lots of wonderful free programs as well...storytimes, computer classes, history presentations, and book discussions. If you haven't been to your library in awhile, plan a visit. You may be surprised what you find there! Libraries are great places for frugal fun! What are some of your favorite things offered by your local library?


Anonymous said…
Yay for libraries! Another librarian here. :) My favorite thing to borrow from the library are magazines. I love magazines but realized a while ago that it was a total waste of money to subscribe to more than one or two we really, really enjoy (& will save). So I can get my fix at the library and it's just as much fun. I also like library book sales.
CKR said…
I love magazines, too. It is so fun when we get a new batch to check out. I currently have 7 different ones checked out. :-)