Frugal Friday Fun

We are in the midst of an old-fashioned snowstorm. The snow is beautiful and coming down so peacefully. Here are a few things that have made this a fabulous Friday! Visit Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood for more!
  • Playing in the snow with my daughter for the first time. She loved it!

  • Finding a set of three frames that I had been watching at Meijer for 90% off - only $2.49! What do you think? Put it up as is for winter decor or try to change the words in the middle?

  • Finding a lovely winter plaid dress for the little one for next Christmas - another 90% off find for only $2.19!

  • Making a mini photo book for my little one using pictures of family. She doesn't get to see many of them very often, so I want her to have a chance to learn to recognize each person.

I'm off to have some hot chocolate! Have a wonderful weekend!


BarbaraLee said…
I found some wallpaper border that I liked so I ripped some off the sample roll. I want to put them in frames too.
CKR said…
Oh, that's a good idea! I have some sunflower border with a blue background for my kitchen that I haven't gotten around to using. That might look nice in the frames. Thanks for the suggestion!