Frugal Friday: Five Free Reading Resources for Preschoolers

As a former teacher, current librarian, and new mom, reading has long been a passion for me. I believe reading is vitally important to a child's academic success. Parents are their children's first and best teachers and the influence that parents have on their children becoming readers is enormous. The good news is, reading with your kids and helping them to acquire early literacy skills is simple and enjoyable for you and your children. I hope to write more about what is meant by early literacy skills in later posts.

For today, I want to share with you five of my favorite (free!) reading resources for preschoolers. The sites range from places where you can get information on early literacy and language development to sites where your child can play reading games and participate in reading activities.

Zero to Three: Early Language and Literacy
The Zero to Three site has a variety of articles and helpful tools on many different topics for ages birth through three. This part of the site focuses on early literacy and language development and includes information on how to share books with babies and toddlers, choosing books, and helping your child to talk.

Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets includes information not just for early literacy but for older children learning to read and struggling to read as well. Articles in the early literacy section of the site include information on typical development in a young child, advocating for preschoolers with disabilities, and ways to make reading relevant.

Starfall uses interactive stories, music, and activities to allow children a chance to participate in a variety of reading activities. Children can hear the sounds different letters make, read along with online stories, see sign language letters demonstrated, and much more!

Little Giraffes
Little Giraffes was formerly a Kindergarten teacher's classroom web site, but is now part of A to Z Teacher Stuff. I have used the story props section many times to create flannelboard stories to accompany a variety of books and rhymes. Also visit the other teaching sections for additional thematic and subject teaching ideas.

Preschool Express by Jean Warren
Many different preschool topics are covered at this great site. Alphabet activities, songs, and seasonal themes are just a few of the literacy items available here.

What are some of your favorite free reading resources for young children? I'd love to check them out! For more frugal tips, visit Frugal Friday!

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Hannah said…
My daughter really likes starfall. Thanks for sharing this list; we'll have to check out the other sites.
Carly said…
I hope you can use some of these sites. I think Starfall is great, too!
Vanessa said…
Thanks for sharing! My 5yo is just on the verge of reading, so we can really use the ideas.
Carly said…
Lots of the sites work well and have ideas for beginning readers, also!
Lori said…
I saw this link on Blissfully Domestic, and I'm glad I stopped by. Thanks for all the great links.