Nonfiction: Christmas Home Edition

Well, Christmas is only 10 days away! These are a few of my favorite decorations in the house. Come on in!

This year's wreath. I made it with scraps of fabric tied on to the wreath and made a bow to match. Simple, but I like it! I saw it in a magazine last year, but never made it.

I got this card keeper a couple of years ago. I love the message on the front!

Our "mantle" which is really the top of our piano with a few decor items.

Shelves decorated in the kitchen.

Sign in our bedroom.

Now for a favorite Christmas Cookie recipe. I love this one and it is so simple. Eagle Brand Double Delicious Cookie Bars...yum...just the right combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Merry Christmas to everyone!


Alex and Jill said…
Love it all!

Thank you for opening up your home to us!

Merry Christmas!
Marci said…
Hi! I really like your PEACE sign. Very Pretty. Thanks for stopping by my tour and for your nice comments.
Faith said…
I like your card friend has that too and I've always liked it. Thanks for sharing with us!
I love your card holder. I have looked for something like that forever. I also love your Little People Nativity Scene. I was actually just telling Hubby I would like to get one so the kids will leave mine alone. LOL
yankee mama said…
Yes, I agree I love the card holder!
Robin said…
First of all, thank you for stopping by my tour. Secondly, I love the card holder. We have one as well that is ancient, but I just didn't have time to put it on my blog.

And the Little People Nativity is a hit in our house as well!

Thanks for the tour!
Susanne said…
Very nice. Love your card keeper!