Frugal Friday: Bedroom Makeover for under $30

OK, so maybe it's not a total makeover, but it's a little facelift, for sure! I've been wanting to repaint and redecorate our (tiny) bedroom, but we just haven't had the time. I really got the bug a couple of weeks ago, and went hunting for some simple ideas to freshen it up a bit. I found some really great fabric at JoAnn's (which I haven't actually used, yet!) for $17.50 - for 7 yards, a $3 fabric shower curtain at Wal-Mart, and a great sale on Wallies ($2 each on clearance) that matched.

I covered our metal headboard by making a headboard slipcover. The size of the fabric shower curtain was perfect, so all I did was stitch up the sides (wrong sides together), turn it, and slip it over the headboard.

Then I used the Wallies to add some decoration to the walls. They are really easy to use, just soak in water for 1-2 minutes and use a sponge to smooth them out. They're removeable by using a bit of water to loosen them and take them down. There are 25 in a package, so I still have a few left over for other projects or for use in the room as well!


Mom2fur said…
Very nice! I never thought about using a shower curtain as fabric. What a great idea!
Ashley said…
Your bedroom is looking stylish..! I always need an excuse to go for fabric shopping. I love Joann.