Bestsellers: Teacher Supplies

Well, we're not even halfway through summer, but the school supply sales are already beginning. As an educator, I have always waited for these sales...and even though I don't have a classroom anymore, I still do a lot of programming for kids at the library. So, I can always think of supplies that would be useful for storytime, book groups, etc. Target is one of my favorite places for getting teacher supplies. They have already started to have a variety of classroom items in their $1 spot at the front of the store. Sunday, I picked up 5 packs of nametags (for book groups), and 2 packs of bookmarks for $7.

Some other good deals are: pocket charts (the skinny kind for doing a schedule...there are many uses for these), name plates for students' desks, teacher plan books/grade books, and incentive stickers/charts. I also picked up 2 board books for the baby. They seem to frequently get good board book titles for very good prices. I didn't even make it to the back of the store to actually look through the school supplies themselves. I can tell you, these teacher supplies are a great price compared to what you would pay in a teacher specialty store...I've also had some luck with great classroom stuff at the Dollar Tree. I'll have to stop in and see what they have!