Super Savings Saturday - End of week recap

I feel like we did a good job of stocking up this week. I don't have pictures; I need to remember to start taking some! Here are a few highlights:

  • My CVS trips were good stock up trips. I am still trying to get CVS to work for me and after thinking about it further, I'm not sure how well I did...although I know I did save money and shouldn't need certain items (paper towel, TP) for quite a while.
  • We went to Target today. I got a great deal on Luvs diapers. $6.99 per jumbo, I bought 2 packs. Used $2.50/2 coupon from Target and a $2.00 manufacturer coupon to make the two packs $9.48. After tax, about 10 cents per diaper. Wipes were a good deal, too. $2.80 for 2 packs of Pampers wipes (used $2/2 coupon from P&G, 6/1).
  • Meijer was great this week. 10 for $10, plus 11th free. We spent $87.90 - including formula, saved $45.96. Savings of 34%. Thanks to MommySnacks for the coupon match-ups!
  • Garage sales yielded some good deals...including 2 brand new pairs of shoes for the little one. $3.50 for both -- plus an OshKosh denim jumper, new with tags for $2.00.
  • We didn't have a gift bag for a graduation gift for this evening. I stitched up a simple one out of some navy flannel we had. I tied it with a metallic bow and we're all set!

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Andrea said…
Hey, you had an awesome week! It's hard to get the totals really low with baby formula each week (our little guy is still on it too). Keep it up :-)
Maggie said…
I am all for sewing gift bags! I made another Christmas gift bag this weekend. I still have a big supply of wrapping paper, but once I use it up, I hope to stop using it completely. I think hand made gift bags are a bonus gift, and can be reused too. I watch for the sale fabrics to go on half off sale so I don't spend too much on them. People are always delighted to recieve a hand made gift bag!