Recommended Reading: Survey Sites

I have signed up for quite a few survey sites in the last few months and have only gotten one paying survey (from Pinecone). I like reading about others' experiences with surveys, so these are some of the things I've been reading about surveys lately.

A Final Update: My Paid Survey Experiment from Baby Cheapskate

Snack Time: Surveys to Earn Cash from Mommy Snacks

Personally, I am signed up with the following survey sites:
My Survey
American Consumer Opinion
E-Rewards (through UPromise)

Overall, I'm a little discouraged with the lack of surveys I've received, and I have completed all that have been sent to me so far. I plan to give it some time, perhaps until the end of this year and see where I end up. I'll update as I get some more paid surveys! (Crossing my fingers that's soon!) In fact, since we're starting a new month on Tuesday, I am going to track my progress over the next month and see how I'm doing as far as surveys go.


Andrea said…
Thanks so much for the linky luv :-) It does take some time to get the surveys rolling in - but trust me, when they come, they come! I have at least 5 to do a day and never have the time so I'm able to be more selective with the higher paying ones now. I also always read my paid to read emails from inbox dollars and send earnings since it takes very little time and the money just accumulates (slowly, I'll add) but it's nice!

Good luck doing them and I'm hoping you get some nice paid ones soon too!!