Joining the Blogging World

I've been a visitor to blogs of friends, family, and acquaintances. These blogs are interesting because they help to keep others informed of families' day to day lives. More recently, I have found other blogs, mainly frugal blogs, that have helped me tremendously to learn even more about household finances.

I hope this blog can serve as a help to some as well as myself. I am a Christian trying to do the best I can each day for my family and those around me. As a new mom, I am interested in topics relating to children and families. I am a shopper, so I love a good deal. Coupons, both print and online, are becoming more and more integral to my shopping. As a teacher and librarian, I also always have good books on my shelf, and am constantly finding useful web site links to use in my professional and personal life.

These topics and more can be found here at Faith, Family, and Frugality. Pull up a chair and read on!