About Me

Welcome to Faith, Family, and Frugality! My name is Carly. I am married to a wonderful guy and a mama to a sweet daughter. We also have 2 cats as a part of our household. I worked as an elementary school teacher for several years and am currently a part-time youth services librarian. I've worked at this library for over half my life now and I really enjoy all the programs and activities I get to plan and present for kids. I love books and reading and am passionate about literacy!

I am a Christian and our family is very involved in our church. My husband shares the Sunday accompanist duties with another organist/pianist and I share the Sunday choir directing duties with another director. We love music in our house and I feel so blessed to have a built in accompanist whenever I sing. I also help in the church nursery, teach Sunday School, am on our Missions committee and more.

My mom and I run an Etsy shop called CJ's Craft Corner. We both love fabric and we love to sew. I have a constant list of sewing ideas that I want to get to when I get the time. :)

In the meantime, I like to blog here about my family and my hobbies. In addition to sewing and reading, I like to bake, run, shop, decorate our home, and spend time with my family.

So glad you stopped by! I'd love to have you stay awhile and join me on this journey!