Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Clothing Budget

I haven't blogged all month! I started a couple posts, but never finished them. I have been posting outfits on Instagram and participating in style challenges there, which has been fun and more convenient lately. I'm hoping to continue posting on here at least for monthly budget posts and book reviews. I am also thinking of participating in the Shop Your Closet remix at Greater Than Rubies in February, but it remains to be seen whether I'll actually take photos of and blog about my outfits here. :)

I had a good month thrifting and shopping the sales and bought quite a few items in general. Here's what I got:

  • Quilted look black satchel - Meijer: $6.41
  • Black polka dot fleece gloves - Meijer: $6.72
  • Cozy one button boots - American Eagle: $16.01
  • Chaps gray and cream checked flannel - Goodwill: $4.58
  • Loft gray and navy tipped cardigan - Goodwill: $1.41
  • Sonoma mint cable sweater - Goodwill: $2.82
  • Charter Club pink and white gingham buton up - Goodwill: $2.30
  • Eddie Bauer long sleeve tee - Goodwill: $2.30 (not pictured)
  • Leopard tennis shoes - Target: $6.06
  • Chambray button up - Meijer: $4.80 (not pictured)
  • Ponte blazer - Sears: $7.46
Total: $60.87 - $20.00 in remaining Christmas gift money = $40.87 total

I was thrilled with my finds. Several, like the gingham shirt, checked flannel, and chambray, have been on my list for quite awhile. Unfortunately, I had to return the olive quilted vest from Sears yesterday - it completely fell apart. :( That was birthday money spent in December, so I will have that $16.00 to spend again.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

December Clothing Budget

It's here! The final budget post for 2014. Overall, the $50 a month worked pretty well for me. I sometimes had a little more if I had gift cards or sold some items, etc, but $50 was a reasonable limit for me each month. I may try the quarterly concept this year, just to see if that would help me in purchasing a larger item like a winter coat, boots, etc, but I would pretty much stick to the same yearly goal of $600.

Here's what I bought this month:

December 2014 Purchases

This month was a combination of thrifting, spending birthday money, and taking advantage of Christmas deals! I have photos of about half of my items.
Black Leggings: $5.00 - I bought these as a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, and I was not impressed at all with the quality. They pilled up right away. They were from a "deal" site and were Steve Madden brand, but I am not thrilled with them. Any recommendations for nice leggings?
Target Midi Skirt: $14.93
Payless Riding Boots: $5.00 after my birthday money - This was a Black Friday deal and I really like these.
LOFT Sweater and Eddie Bauer Grey Cords (Goodwill): $7.75 - This was my deal of the month. I found this tunic LOFT sweater (pictured above) in Goodwill. Very comfy, cozy, and pretty - and such a deal!
Kent State T-Shirt: $6.64 - I got my Master's from Kent State and my parents went there for undergrad. I got my dad a couple Kent State items from Amazon for Christmas and picked this up for myself since it was a great price.
Plaid Shirt from Meijer: $6.95 after some gift money - I have been having the worst time finding a flannel shirt in the color and size I want. I found a pretty one at Meijer and am hoping it works well! I am adding it to my January capsule.
Leopard Scarf from Payless: $6.83 - I took advantage of the extra 20% off at Payless and got this infinity scarf after Christmas. It is my third leopard print scarf this year. The others haven't been great quality. Hoping this one hold up better!
Old Navy Striped Shirt (Goodwill): $2.30 - Thrifted this black and white striped tee on New Year's Eve and it was the half off color!
Wrap Cardigan and Tassel Necklace: Free after Kohl's cash - I belong to a Yes 2 You Rewards preview group through Kohl's and as part of this oppotunity, we were given Kohl's cash to spend. I got the cardigan pictured above in a pretty purple color and the tassel necklace above in gold. I love both pieces and they filled items on my current clothing wish list.
Lots of items this month! My total was $47.65 for the month. I also got some beautiful jewelry and scarves and Christmas presents as well as a sweater and some workout clothes.
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