What I Wore: 20x30 Reflections

I finished up my 20x30 challenge at the end of January, and I've been intending to write a reflection post for a few days. I did stick with the challenge for the entire month of January. You will have to take my word for it because I only ended up getting a few more outfit photos for the last 10 days - 2 weeks of the challenge. :) I did swap out the skirt for a chunky plum colored cardigan I bought at Maurices around the middle of the month. It was so cold that I hadn't worn the skirt at all and decided the cardigan was a lot more practical for the remainder of January.

Here are the new outfits I put together that I did photograph.

Striped Sweater + Gingham Button Down + Skinny Jeans + Black Boots + Statement Necklace

Plaid Shirt + Blue and Black Cardigan + Black Skinnies + Black Boots + Statement Necklace

Black Dress + Striped Turtleneck + Vest + Scarf + Boots

In spite of not photographing all my outfits I stuck with it and I definitely learned a lot from this challenge.

  • 20 pieces are surprisingly versatile. I was able to create a lot of combinations and could have made many more.
  • Accessories really make an impact. I found myself relying on scarves and necklaces a lot to create different looks.
  • Basic pieces are really important.
  • I often stick to "safe" color combinations or things that I think go together. During this challenge, I definitely put together some different color combos including cobalt blue and jade green (which I didn't get a photo of!) and it was fun to be creative in that way.
  • I can identify my core colors that I like to wear and enjoy mixing and matching. For me, they are purple, pink, green, blue, black, and gray. I do own a lot of other colors, but these are my favorites.
  • The reversible vest and my black boots got a ton of wear.
  • It was nice to not have so many choices. It was a relief to know I didn't have so many options.
  • As a result, I plan to go through my closet again today and see if there is anything else I need to get rid of.
  • It helped me to clarify what would be nice to have in my wardrobe to remix. I ended up at $2.97 clearance sale at Penney's yesterday and only bought one thing that I love. That would have never happened before.
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Amy G said…
Great looks! Good for you for making it through! I know I've been more careful about my clearance shopping lately too - I still bring lots of things into the dressing room, but I'm able to weed most of it out before I get to the register.
Anonymous said…
Great job Carly - it sounds like you really learned a lot from the remix! You're favorite colors are just like mine. :)
I LOVE the first look, the pattern mixing is adorable! And I'm super jealous of the bright pink plaid shirt. I tried to buy one like that from Target, but my usual size gapped in the front and I couldn't move my arms (and they didn't have anything larger in stock). :( Oh well.
Carly, you rocked the remix! Nice work! Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can see the details at http://undergraduatestyle.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award.html!
Caitlin said…
Carly, I loved reading your thoughts on the remix. Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm really glad you were part of the Winter Remix!